We let ourself be seduced and inspired by one only concept: The Beauty. That is where we started and where we aim to at the same time. This is the reason why in our collections we worked on the quality of raw materials and on the beauty that only artisans can provide – to give life to stylish and luxury products. We wanted to share how each of us has a savage and independent side but also a more disciplined and serious side too. For this reason, each collection is the expression of what we are and the way we live such profession which first of all is passion. Every item comes from a feeling and a vision which are growing step by step.


Passion for horses and knowledge of the world around us enabled the designer of Choco Crine Collection, Luna Ceccato, to let her imagination run wild. Her ideas were developed through perseverance and her personal taste together with the talent and experience of artisans and designers. That is how this ten-pieces collection dedicated to riders was formed, followed by the equipment for the main character in this sport: the horse.


The unique Choco Chess Collection was developed in close contact with the CEO. Six pieces inspired by contemporary business women and men, for taking them into the dynamism of today’s life with style and elegance. Choco presents Chess and Crine: two souls, two inspirations, two collections. And the Beauty is above all.


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